Thinking that Reva might never get the chance to meet her grandchild, he took off -- but not before finding Billy in the hospital to fill him in on Reva's condition. She told him she discovered that since they were only half-cousins, the risk of defects in their children was very small. A cop saw his outburst and took him to jail. Days later, Lizzie tried to buy his silence, but he wasn't interested in money - -he wanted her to introduce him to Tammy Winslow. Tobias Menzies in seiner Doppelrolle als Frank Randall und Jonathan Randall zieht ganz gerne mal blank – bei ihm bleibt sogar keine Spekulation mehr über gewisse männliche Tatsachen offen. Mit einer erhobenen Verpflichtung auf die Farmen, die Fort William umgeben, um Offiziere mit Vorräten und Nahrungsmitteln für die Garnison zu versorgen, befanden sich Randall und seine Männer im Oktober 1740 auf einer solchen Mission, als sie in Lallybroch anhielten und auf Widerstand von ihren Bewohnern stießen. In the end, Dinah, herself, finally told Edmund the truth about the night before Cassie's wedding. As if on cue, Jonathan got a menacing call from Edmund who threatened to take Sarah. Desperate to save her son, Reva blurted out that he did, and stated that Beth's baby was his, not Rick's. After Alan,who had somehow been drugged by Jonathan, went to bed, Jonathan sneaked back in and set fire to the mansion, but quickly put it out so that his daughter wouldn't lose a father. Jahrhundert. Luckily, Reva managed to talk their way out of trouble. However, Jonathan quickly realized something was wrong when he couldn't get a hold of Sarah, and dropped everything to storm over to the day care facility. Jack Randall erfüllt den letzten Wunsch seines verstorbenen Bruders Alexander, dass er Mary Hawkins, Alexanders Geliebte, heiratete, die sein Kind trägt. Jonathan threatened to tell Josh himself, but Reva said she'd tell Josh when he opened up about the baby. The limo driver struggled to lose him but Jonathan stayed on his tail. Er fragt Roger, was sie sind und Roger sagt ihnen, dass es ein Zauber ist, um die Seele zu bewahren. Jonathan left for a moment, and Frank arrived, needing to talk to him -- about Sandy. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Jonathan Randall. He also finally got to meet Josh and Reva’s son, Shayne. Later, Jonathan visited Alan himself. Unfortunately, the torch he was holding accidentally dropped and ended up burning the house down, after all. After driving away without him, she got a restraining order against Jonathan. The moment, like so many others, became passionate and the pair kissed. Geschichte Persönliche Geschichte. Er spielte eine Rolle bei der Niederschlagung der Rebellion und wurde vom Herzog von Sandringham finanziell stark unterstützt. Jonathan spent the early days of 2006 in jail since Jeffrey, at Cassie's request, had the judge deny him bail. Um der strafrechtlichen Verfolgung durch Jonathan Randall zu entgehen, heiratet Claire Jamie. Olivia then put him unde… Afterwards, Jonathan convinced Tammy to run away with him. Als er ihren gebildeten englischen Akzent hört, wird Randall misstrauisch gegenüber ihrer Anwesenheit in den abgelegenen schottischen Highlands. She then told Jonathan that Sandy's real name was not Sandy Foster, and he abandoned her after he'd married her. Then at the cemetery, Lizzie made the painful decision to let Sarah leave with Jonathan. Luckily, Reva lurked nearby and disabled Nate's boat to keep him from leaving with Jonathan. Jonathan was more convinced than ever that Alan was a threat to Sarah, and Lizzie came up with a solution. Soon the pair ended up in a passionate kiss and later made love at the Jessup barn. I'll look after Sarah; she'll look after me. Luckily for him, he was able to hide what he was doing. His elder brother, Edward Randall, inherited the family estate in Sussex, while his younger brother, Alexander, became a curate.In the mid-1730s, Randall bought his commission and served as a captain of dragoons. Convinced he'd lost Tammy, he broke into her empty dream-house and prepared to set it on fire. Meanwhile, Jonathan got a call from Billy telling him that Reva had taken a turn for the worse and was in need of bone marrow. Jonathan agreed and the pair faced off, just like they did years earlier. Luckily, Lizzie saw the goons stuff Jonathan inside the trunk and rescued him by knocking the goons out. Days later, Jonathan got a message to meet Tammy at the barn. "I'm going to hit the road. As soon as he said it, Jonathan realized the mistake he had made, and he tried to warn Reva against investigating Marissa's death. When Alan suggested that Jonathan was less suited at fatherhood than he was, Jonathan agreed and stated he didn't want anything to do with Lizzie's baby. A little later, while Reva was alone on the docks, Nate miraculously came out of the water and tried to kill Reva. The next day, Jonathan found Tammy at Cassie's and tried to explain. Obwohl Jack wie Frank ein attraktiver Mann ist, ist seine Haut durch jahrelange Exposition dunkel gebräunt und er hat lange dunkle Haare. Although Jonathan tried to convince Tammy that they belonged together; she needed more time. Tammy denied it and then threw herself at Jonathan for a scorching kiss, announcing that she wanted a last fling to get her ex-lover out of her system. After warning Jonathan that he would be watching him, Alan reluctantly gave Lizzie away at her wedding. In an emotional exchange, Tammy admitted that she was inexplicably drawn to Jonathan. Afterwards, Jonathan and Lizzie argued about her lying to him about the baby. Lizzie agreed and Jonathan offered to wed the next day, to prove his sincerity to the judge. So, that night, Jonathan went ahead with his diabolical plan--he seduced a virginal Tammy in order to get revenge on his family. Jonathan confessed to setting the fire, but stressed that he was alone. #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NOW A STARZ ORIGINAL SERIES Unrivaled storytelling. Later, Jonathan was angry to see Lizzie talking to Bill, since he had just learned from Ava that Bill was looking to go into business with Alan. Jonathan was then left to deal with the death of the only father he'd ever had. Later, Cassie confessed the details of what happened to a horrified Reva. Unfortunately, while he was still a baby, his life was torn apart when Catherine heard that Jonathan's Uncle Edmund was planning to kill him so he could inherit the throne. Sandy's death rocked Tammy to the core and, to alleviate her guilt, Jonathan finally admitted that he was the one who sabotaged Sandy's divorce and let him be arrested as a bigamist--thus all of the ensuing mess was his fault. Unfortunately, Nate blamed Jonathan and angrily berated him. Jonathan then jumped into the water. Upon learning that Reva had drawn up legal papers charging Edmund with arson, he stole the documents and then faxed them to an unsuspecting Cassie. Tot But, as soon as Tammy looked at Jonathan, Sandy realized Jonathan was the one she loved. Despite Reva's pleas that he stay away from the wedding, Jonathan came, certain that Tammy would call it off. Join Facebook to connect with Jonathon Randall and others you may know. Concerned that Jonathan might actually kill Nate, Reva made her presence known and begged Jonathan to come home with her. In der Mitte der 1730er Jahre kaufte Randall seine Provision und diente als Kapitän der Dragoner. Though tempted to stay with Tammy, Jonathan returned home. Jonathan had 3 siblings: Hannah Arnold and 2 other siblings . Apparently drunk, Cassie lured Jonathan to her apartment. Luckily, the pair was interrupted by Reva, who took an immediate disliking to JB. Unfortunately, Tammy ended up being struck down herself. von Catweazle. Though an upset Lizzie was convinced that Alan intended on keeping her a prisoner until her baby was born, both Tammy and Jonathan were skeptical that Alan would go that far. That same night, with Sarah, Jonathan got into his car and started following Alan's limo menacingly. Jonathan agreed and even asked Josh, who had become a minister, to officiate the wedding. After the procedure, Jonathan confessed to Reva that not only did he finally feel like her son, he finally wanted to be a part of his daughter's life. Her New York Times bestselling Outlander novels have earned the praise of critics and captured the hearts of millions of fans. Nate came after Jonathan one last time, but Jonathan managed to hit him in the head with the oar and Nate fell into the water. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Reva bonded after he took her to a music store, claiming that he wanted her to get to know the real him. Alan then called for a truce, but Jonathan had doubts that Alan was sincere. Though Jonathan later arranged for Reva to meet them for a visit in a nearby town, when he spotted Lizzie following Reva, he was forced to flee. Art von Bösewicht The intruder didn't answer and so she fired. Happy that Jonathan was staying, Reva arranged for him to stay at the cottage that Cassie had originally bought him and Tammy for their wedding. That same day, Jonathan told his mother that Lizzie was having a girl. It stars Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall, a married former World War II nurse who in 1945 finds herself transported back to Scotland in 1743. Catherine then escaped San Cristobel. Schurken Wiki ist eine Fandom-Lifestyle-Community. Eine solide Geschichte, wenn auch nicht meine liebste. However, when he revealed that he slept with Tammy to hurt Reva as much as she hurt him, Reva began to see that she had a hand in making her son a bitter, angry, and damaged person. That is, until Jonathan stood up before the court and spoke about how he wanted to raise his daughter with Lizzie. Miraculously, she came back! Thankfully, Josh arrived just in time and threw him into the water, unaware that he'd thrown him into the boat propeller. Later, Jonathan learned that Tammy had been expelled from college because of the arson charges, and attempted to talk the dean into letting her back in. Despite his reluctance, Reva goaded him into taking the trip, only for the pair to find his adoptive parents' home abandoned. Soon after, Josh finally decided to give Jonathan a job at Lewis Construction. Randall stirbt am 16. Sandy grabbed Tammy and warned Jonathan that if he took another step, they'd both be going over the cliff. Vergewaltigung A fistfight ensued which left Jonathan holding Sandy by the collar, but Reva's arrival distracted him long enough for Sandy to get free and gain the upper hand. A few weeks later, someone mysteriously set up a meeting between Jonathan and Tammy at the Lighthouse.